Invisi SmartTM Mask the First Antiviral Surgical Mask Proven to Kill 99.9% of Coronairus on Contact and it Self-Cleans to Remain Effective and Sterile For Up to 1 Month


The INVISI SMART TM MASK is the first therapeutic PPE that kills the Coronavirus rather than just act as a barrier

Reopening businesses will be very challenging due to the lack of generalized testing and the inability to utilize social distancing as effectively. In addition, there is the added burden of not knowing who is an asymptomatic carrier of the disease the sol called “Typoid Mary”. We  need to get the INVISI SMART TM MASK out into our communities to help provide maximum protection to healthcare workers,  employees and the general public as we gradually reopen our country.



  • Standard face masks can actually exacerbate the problem of spreading the coronavirus. You can have the best and most high-tech and expensive filter in your face mask, but Coronavirus still get through, which means you’re not completely safe.
  • Germs are transmitted in droplets and airborne particulate matter to the mask
  • Particulate matter filters cannot inhibit all viruses from passing through
  • Viruses can often get stuck and can live within them for up to 9 days
  • Infection risk increases when handing contaminated mask (i.e. removing, etc.)
  • Another shocking discovery is when you breathe in a face mask for a few hours, you actually collect Coronavirus  that sticks onto the face mask.
  • You can take that face mask off, put it in your handbag, touch your face and your child, and you’re actually spreading more disease.


  • The patented proprietary Technology of Invisi Smart Technologies is proven to destroy 99.9 percent of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. Its main component, Titanium Dioxide, is approved by the FDA and EPA. and universally proven to destroy any organic substances coming into contact with it. When activated by visible and UV light photocatalysis it has been proven to destroy any organic substances coming into contact with it.
  • The technology breaks-down any organic substance on its surface, including Coronavirus and does not allow any virus to survive, preventing the community transmission on contact.
  • If you take a normal antibacterial gel and try and put it on a face mask, it won’t be effective.
  • Effective Self-cleaning Surgical Mask. Effective inhibition of infectious agents present in the surrounding environment is crucial for our biosafety. The use of a self-cleaning sanitizing mask will be of great value in the prevention of contamination and disease contraction.
  • How Long can you wear the Mask? The mask can be worn up to 1 month with normal wear and tear. Any water that touches the mask, does not affect its ability to kill the Corona virus.

Mark Harrison MD is CEO of Physician Merchant Services and a board-certified radiation  Oncologist with 30 years of clinical practice and consulting healthcare experience from Harlingen, TX.  

For more information, please Text/Call Dr Harrison at 956-212-4388 mharrison@mdsupplychain.com

This product is manufactured by Invisi Smart Technologies